Today I am going to discuss the most popular Diamond shapes and the factors that make each one unique.

Asscher Cut Diamonds

The asscher cut diamond was developed in 1902 by Joseph Asscher who set up the Royal Asscher Company in Amsterdam. The first cuts are very rare and each one was unique, they can be found at auction from time to time. The asscher cut diamond has 72 facets/sides and he a square appearance. The corners are clipped which makes the diamond look like an octagon. Julia Roberts wore a 10 carat Asscher cut ring to the academy awards recently and Rees Witherspoon has a 4 carat Asscher Cut engagement ring. There are very few diamonds as stunning as a well cut Asscher.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

The cushion cut diamond is a combination of a round and square diamond with a softened outer shape similar to a pillow. These shapes are generally squarish or oblong. These diamonds emit great light and as a result the sparkle and fire is amazing. All cushion cut diamonds are different as there is no agreed standard for what the proportions should be. As a result, the quality of cut us very important. Each stone needs to be seen to judge it’s true beauty. Halo style engagement rings are very popular choices for with cushion cut diamonds. Cushion cut solitaires are also very popular engagement rings.

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